If you have been suffering from bloating or have a bulge, then this home remedy may be what you have been looking for. Rose petl water is one of the oldest and most stimulating health and beaty secrets that is used in India and Arabic countries for its ability to rejuvenate skin and also for dishes. For our purpose, we are interested in how you can lose weight with rose petals.

Traditionally used as a form of decoration rose petals have great health benefits. The petals contain compounds that not only give it anti-septic and anti fungal properties, but also posssesses laxative and diuretic properties that help to clear out your stomache and get rid of toxins. Rose petal water causes your kidneys to put more salt in your urine, which makes you lose more water from your body. This causes you to drink more water, flushing your system and reducing your water weight.


Check out this recipe on how to add rose petal water to your natural weight loss diet:


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